What will make your brand activation memorable.

The brand activation, like other BTL (Below the Line) actions, are designed to captivate and move a specific sector of the market, the ideal client. Unlike communication from campaigns in mass media, brand activation connects directly with the audience receiving immediate feedback from it. Direct contact with the consumer through a specific action lets us see their experience and remember it.

The action in which we will take must include the following components to make it a success:

    • Creativity
    • Surprise
    • Sense of opportunity

This along with good planning and production will make your brand activation memorable.


What to keep in mind when it comes to designing a brand activation.

Next, we will discuss some factors that you cannot neglect when designing this type of promotional action.


    • Be clear on the brand values and what you want them to transmit. To achieve precisely this, at Izinto Events, we listen to our clients attentively in order to perfectly capture the essence of their brand.
    • Define the market sector to which you want to direct the action. This will also help define the space and format of the event.
    • Take care and pay attention to details. For this, our company, as an event organizer, has professionals from a variety of disciplines that foster creativity and breadth of vision for the projects, forming the most conservative and progressive events.
    • Good planning and production. A good technical team and production experts guarantee each job is taken care of. We have workshops capable of producing large formats, our client being the only one who can put limits to our imagination.
    • Consider new technologies. Creating emotions and living them out through applications or other technologies is a luxury that must be taken into account.

What turns these types of promotional actions into brand experiences is packing them full of design, visual character, technology, and staging. If this is achieved, you can even win the client over from the competitors. This type of Emotional Marketing moves, brings awareness, entertains, and stays in the memories of the consumers, achieving memorable brand activations for the target we are aiming for.

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