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The importance of corporate events to reinforce your brand image

Cultivating your brand image is essential to more accurately reach your target clients. Therefore, it is important to well define the values and tone that the company wants to portray. Everything we want the client to feel with our product should be expressed through the essence of the brand. That is to say, what are we, where are we headed and what is our end goal? Knowing these will bring us closer to our ideal client profile.

Here the communicative actions that the company sets in motion play an essential role in sales. So have a clear idea of where you are aiming, and strategize in line with your company’s values in order to express feeling and emotion through your brand.

In a world becoming more and more dependent on new technology, we need contact and intimacy in order to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Corporate events are fundamental in promoting this type of communication to generate proximity and human contact.

In the following, we explain in detail the different types of Corporate Events and their results:

Conventions or Conferences

They are a great opportunity to position yourself as the expert of your field. The participation of other specialists can fulfill the other roles and give more importance to your event.

Product Presentation

Give voice to the launch of your new products. Transmit your values clearly, so they get through to your clients. Give them the opportunity to think through and resolve their doubts one by one. Create a Brand Experience, and you will see how it increases your sales. A meeting with a commercial and a catalog isn’t the same as a good product presentation that gives us visibility before the media and social networks. The product is perceived in another way.

Anniversaries, business parties or gala dinners

As we explained to you earlier, intimacy is vital for promoting client loyalty and even for bringing you closer to a first sale. Face to face contact makes us more human and wins the sympathy of our clients’s choice. So if your company has the possibility of organizing an event, for whatever reason, do it. Open the doors to your potential clients, and keep close ties with them. Sales will materialize soon after.

Team-building or incentive trips

They are the best way to motivate your employees and optimize efficiency in the workplace. Minds with clear and rewarded objectives are creative minds

Create practical moments under the umbrella of a brand, strengthening your image, giving it a more powerful presence in the face of your clients and your competitors. We know the amount of effort needed for launching a successful company event, precisely because of this, not all entrepreneurs can pull it off.

So if you truly want to increase your company’s reputation within your field, trust that the corporate events will help you accomplish this. From Izinto Events, we want to encourage you and offer you our advisory services. Get in contact with us because together…


We are going to create brand experiences without precedents.