Tecnología láser para eventos

Technology trends that are making a big impact on events

The events sector is changing very quickly and evolving toward the creation of experiences. These are becoming more and more complex and imaginative, so event planners are opting for the latest technology in order to create a unique engaging experience for the guests, allowing them to have an emotional connection with the brand. Studies show that adopting technology for events can increase attendance by up to 20%, productivity by up to 27% and decrease costs by up to 30%. Interesting, right? So, we are going to discover which are the technology trends that are making a big impact on events.


Wi-Fi connection

Attracting the audience and getting them involved is a challenge, awing the guests with the venue, music, catering, or decoration (as we explained to you in a  previous post ), as much as creating engaging experiences that allow the guests to participate in everything they are experiencing.

In order to create these experiences, it’s necessary to provide a Wi-Fi connection that can be found at the height of our event. Not all locations allow for a good Wi-Fi connection.
If the place where our event will be located doesn’t provide good connectivity, it will be necessary to rent equipment that provides it.

What can we achieve with a good Wi-Fi connection?

With a good Wi-Fi connection, we can do video conferences, streaming, online voting, access control…our guests will be able to participate and share on social media without the need to use their cellular data. Also, they will be able to become users of brand applications that have been created for the event itself, as we will discuss further in the next point.

It’s appealing to be able to maintain connectivity in the different spaces in which the event takes place, allowing for more creativity when designing the event. We are able to direct the guests through their cell phones and through the experience we have created for them.


Applications designed for the event

We use different applications on a daily basis. If apps are apart of our lives, the events can’t leave them out. The possibilities a cell phone gives us are infinite, and brands take advantage of this by getting involved and participating in its activities. So, software is created to adapt to each part of the event cycle, making it more lively and dynamic.


Light and sound shows.

You can have, without a doubt, different types of light and sound shows available that surpass your guests expectations. Laser projections, immersive 3D projections or video mapping are shows where new technology have absolute prominence.


360º 3D Projections

Brands as important as Samsung or Adidas have used the immersive 360º 3D projections to captivate their audiences. The guests enter into a dome where they undertake a 360º audiovisual experience, accompanied by coordinated stereo sound.


Video Mapping

While many venues offer audio and video equipment for events, the majority don’t offer creative solutions for the most common problem event planners face: the personalization of the space. Video mapping allows us to create unique experiences without physically altering the space.

They are projections of enhanced reality sometimes accompanied by audio, that can be projected on any surface without the need for it to be flat. It’s the ideal way of completely transforming the appearance of a venue by creating optical illusions that will keep the audience hypnotized at the event. The projections can be artistic, interactive, or can even project a wall of social networks in real time and generate live interactions.


Laser Projections

Like the prior options, laser projections have a high visual impact. Combined with dance or a performance, the results are surprising. Suspense and expectation are at the service of emotion.

As you can see, technology at current and future events are prepared to have a significant impact on the guests.

Create excitement, suspense, restlessness and a desire to see more.
Make your event an event to talk about.