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Qualities to be a good event organiser

The world of event organisation has changed enormously in recent years, particularly with the new technologies developed to improve things. There are numerous event organisation software programmes that can help to ensure that an event goes according to plan. But even with these tools, not everyone is born to be an event organiser. These are some intrinsic qualities that mark the difference between a good event organiser and an excellent one. If these are aspects you recognise in your own personality, then you might say that you’re made for the job.

1. Excellent interpersonal skills
An event organiser needs to be a team player, good at working with others to ensure the success of the event. Managers must be able to talk but must also be good listeners. It’s important to understand what your customer needs and then find a way of satisfying those needs or suggesting different options.
Some people develop excellent interpersonal skills, but others are born with this ability. These people find it easy to lead teams and to communicate effectively, which often makes them good event organisers.

2. Flexibility
There’s nothing written in stone when it comes to organising events. Everything is fluid, and things can change in the blink of an eye. That’s why event organisers need to be flexible, adapting and reacting quickly to changes. They need to be ready to deal with any type of situation and to think on the spot. If you’ve always been flexible when it comes to work, a career in events organisation might just be for you.

3. Energetic
Event organisation is very hard work, and if you want to make yours a success you need plenty of energy and passion. Are you ready to face challenges with enthusiasm and excitement? If you are, this is your dream job!

4. Creative and innovative
You need to do things differently. This requires innovation and creativity. If you’re someone who always thinks ahead, then success in this sector awaits. Problems and challenges mean nothing to you, since you have the innate capacity to solve them creatively.

5. An eye for detail
Little things mean a lot. Are you good at analysing things, noticing details? Do you strive to do things extra well? If that’s the case, you have what it takes to be an event organiser, because your keen sense of observation will prevent niggling mistakes from escalating into big problems. Attention to detail guarantees that everything is in place and ready for an event.

6. Time management wizard
If you’re a multi-tasking magician then you may be an excellent event organiser. You know how to prioritise tasks and this makes you more productive, achieving more in record time.

7. Passionate and enthusiastic
These qualities are inherent and people are often born with them. Being passionate and enthusiastic is the only way to stand out in a crowd. As a successful event organiser you’ll need your passion to make you productive and help you to overcome the obstacles that will inevitably arise.

8. Leadership skills
Leaders are born, not made. It’s an old saying, but it also applies to event organisers. Your extraordinary leadership skills will enable you to guide your team towards the final goal. A leader motivates and empathises rather than imposes.

9. Superior organisational skills
The entire event must be choreographed to perfection with no hiccups along the way. Although, organisational skills can be learned, if you aren’t born with them, they can be tricky to master.

10. Mastery of technology
The job of the event organiser has changed enormously with the advent of software, so they need to master the world of IT. These tools get more done more quickly and make you more efficient and productive. These days, event organisers have an extensive range of programmes available to help, such as ticket sales software for events, venue management software and many more that make life easier.


So, have you got what it takes to be a good event organiser?