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Make your corporate events a lifestyle

In a world more and more out of touch and out of sight, where we hide behind the screens of our devices, making your corporate events a lifestyle is to differentiate yourself.

Thanks to new technology, accessing a vast range of companies is very easy. With the internet, we can instantly have information about prices and contacts from different suppliers that allows us to choose the best option at the click of a mouse.

What makes us choose one supplier over another? Basically the price and the quality of service.

Do we want to compete for price? There will be some cases in which yes, but the competition is voracious.

How do we know the quality of a product or brand that we haven’t tired? In this case, we are subjectively influenced by the product image, design and the customers’ experiences that the company transmits to us.

Magazine ads immerse you in absolute sophistication. You want to dress like the models and feel elegant. Ikea chooses to make you feel the warmth of the home, the nearness and the everyday. Coca-Cola gives us stories of summertime, sun and enjoyment. Each of these brands decide on values that it transmits as an essence in all its forms of communication.

What differentiates one brand from another offering the same or similar product?

Values, ideas, authentic and genuine communication: emotions, after all, because emotions are what move us as humans no matter how much technology wants to robotize us. These are all determining factors that allow us to differentiate one product from another

Communicating with, caring for, and transmitting feelings will play a key role in the decision making of our clients. So corporate events should have the maximum care and attention in order to strongly connect with the company’s values.

Taking advantage of all the possible excuses to organize an event will keep us in direct and close contact with clients and suppliers and will enhance more personal relationships that absolutely improve the results sought after.

So at Izinto Events, we like to say that the events are a way to live life, giving the company breath and a pulse. The galas, the dinners, the parties… remind us that there is a brand willing to offer us just what it makes us feel.

So if your goal this year is to increase sales, don’t neglect your communication, and speak through corporate events that are capable of moving and being remembered. We always say that an original, well thought-out event floods the guests’ social media with photos that transmit. A very economical and truthful form of publicity, don’t you think?

Make your events a lifestyle.
Make your clients live your events.