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The 3 main pillars of a successful corporate event

Organizing a corporate eventis not an easy task. It requires knowledge in protocol, organizational abilities, good budget management, a large portfolio of suppliers and awareness of new technology and latest trends. This is why it is highly recommended to hire professional event organizers because only they can guide you to get amazing results. At Izinto Events, we would be thrilled to be able to help you with this task. For the time being and until you decide to hire us, we will guide you and focus on the 3 main pillars of a successful corporate event..


The 3 main pillars of a corporate event are:

  • Event Space,
  • Music
  • Gastronomy


We will begin with the development of each element.


Event Space

The event space that we choose should say, “What are brand is ”: what its values are, to what audience is it directed at, what aesthetic trend it has, if it’s a luxurious product or a more sportive product… All of these aspects should be projected by the space in which we celebrate our event. How do we do it? Well, with its location: if it’s on the beach, in the city center, in a vineyard…With its appearance and architectural designs: it can be a classic or elegant place, an art studio, a convention center, an auditorium, a boat…

When choosing a good event space, it’s very important to remember what our technology needs are and the capacity in accordance with the number of guests. As well as the handicap accessibility of the space and the proximity of public transportation for getting there.



The music, like the space, will be what transmits those brand values that we discussed earlier. If not properly taken care of, it can literally ruin the event as the music influences the mood of the guests, thus influencing the perception of this as an experience.

There are many genres of music; it’s best to leave it to the professionals to advise you to get the right feeling. We can decide on a DJ or opt for live music. From Izinto Events, we recommend this last option as it gives character to the event and enhances the experience of the guests, even adding to their interaction with the musicians.

Take good care of the sound quality. We should be able to hear the music as clearly as possible from each corner of the event space chosen. There’s nothing more uncomfortable and distracting than not being able to listen to music but instead, noise.

The volume, just the same, should be appropriate at all times. Lower to accompany the evening or a presentation and higher to get the guests’ attention or give emphasis to certain moments of the event.

Take into account that copyright is a must for ethics and for avoiding problems with possible inspections.



One more sign of brand identity at your event. A sufficient gastronomic budget will add to the experience lived at the event. “Food Designers

are becoming more and more routine when it comes to designing a menu that fits with the brand image, of which we’ve been talking about throughout this entire post, we want to promote.

The decoration and atmosphere of the catering have become increasingly more important in recent times. Now it’s not only the quality and plating of the products, the staging has now become an indispensable visual necessity for a soulful event.


Attention to detail is vital in order for an event to be a success and be remembered and talked about for a long time.

At Izinto Events, we make it easy for you. Let’s have a coffee and talk it over.