How to manage business change by making good decisions : Xtreme Coaching

Lately, companies have had to adapt to the increasingly global and ever changing market. New technologies have given us a much closer and instant form of communication. Values, such as respecting the environment and our health, have become more important. Competition has grown fierce in the fight to be heard. Our services must offer not only an added value, but also a developed strategy to go along with it that makes us stand out from our competitors. What worked before does not get the same results now, and uncertain environments have become commonplace. Therefore, what can be done in order to control this situation and adapt to these changes? Clearly, you need to step out of your comfort zone, take risks and make good decisions.

Xtreme Coaching – Adapting to change

Doubt, fear of the unknown, change, implementation of large-scale strategies and the security of our comfort zones, are some of the factors that stop people in their careers from adapting to changing conditions. Acting under pressure and not being able to think clearly are aspects of our personal and professional lives. However, we can train these abilities so that we control the situations that put us on alert and are able to think with clarity so that we make better decisions.

The Xtreme Business Management Coaching was created with this intention. A new concept for overcoming that compares survival in the wild with survival in the corporate world and its adaptation to change.

With the help of Carlos Vico, famous for having survived in extreme conditions in the harshest environments on the planet, we have created a unique program in Spain. The program enhances mental clarity when analyzing a situation to be able to make good decisions using creativity without letting ourselves be overcome by pressure and stress. Stop, Breathe, Think and Act.



Presentations, conferences and indoor/outdoor activities

A team of experts in group organization and training apply Carlos Vico’s experience of extreme survival in natural environments to adapt his learning to the business world. Thus, helping to understand how our brains react to dangerous situations with ancestral behaviors of struggle, immobility, flight or submission. The objective being to overcome our daily challenges by using self-control and organization. An appealing idea that helps us better understand ourselves and know how to detect certain behaviors that prevent us from surviving.

If this way of thinking interests you, and you believe it could help improve your team’s decision making, we would be happy to go into more detail about it with you.


Remember that good decisions
are what save the life of the company.