Conferencias y convenciones


Let’s begin by defining what Brand Image is. Brand image is one of the most important parts of marketing strategy for any company. It is made up of a logo, a color palette, a series of values, tonality and how all of it combines into our communication strategy.

We usually think the more powerful brands are the ones that communicate better because they can afford big advertising campaigns. However, it is actually the empathy of the brand that draws us closer, its ability to connect with our emotions, to identify with its values. When you speak to your ideal client, she receives the message.

Event Marketing plays a very important role in this sense because now our purchase decisions are not only based on the product, which your competition can also develop, but now, we decide on one brand from another based on the feelings those products transmit. Whether they sell us life, familiarity, tranquility, etc. Those values are what make up the brand image, found at your events in the ideal space for them to be expressed and developed with the intention of creating memorable experiences. Words are gone with the wind, but what we feel, what we transmit, endures.



What do you get from including events in your market strategy?


  • Visibility. Press releases, company articles on social media, etc. As well as something else very important, how your client shares their experience lived out at your event through their social networks. This is free advertising.
  • Engagement. You show loyalty to your clients, and you reach out to a new audience.
  • Enhancement of brand values. Corporate events give you the opportunity to create experiences that are in line with your brand, and therefore, enhance your reputation.


As we mention in a prior post, the use of new technology is becoming increasingly important in regard to creating interactive experiences for the guests. Apps developed for the event, virtual reality or video mapping, are some of the digital alternatives that can give the event emotion, enhancing its impact on the guests considerably and guaranteeing its success.


A well designed event is a key piece in getting our message across to our clients and potential clients. It also guarantees enriched networking in which our guests’ feedback can help give us an idea of how we are perceived, how to improve our products and services, or even, what new needs our ideal client has.


Emotional experiences enhance your brand’s personality.